IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks
21–23 October 2024 // Athens, Greece

Security and Digital Twins in 6G

The advent of 6G technology promises to revolutionize the digital landscape by providing unprecedented speed, reliability, and connectivity. 

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and the security of these networks is paramount and should be studied in depth to

achieve a 6G "secure by design". On the other hand, digital twins, as virtual replicas of physical systems, play a crucial role in simulating and 

analyzing 6G environments. This special issue seeks to explore the integration and intersection of security and digital twins within the context 

of 6G technology.

We invite researchers and practitioners to submit their original research articles, reviews, and short communications that address the following 

topics of interest (but not limited to):

- Security Challenges in 6G Networks: Addressing potential threats and vulnerabilities specific to 6G technology.
- Digital Twin Technology for 6G: Utilization of digital twins for design, testing, and security of 6G networks.
- Privacy Preservation in 6G: Innovative approaches to ensure user privacy in the era of 6G.
- AI and Machine Learning for 6G Security: Leveraging AI to predict, detect, and mitigate security breaches.
- Blockchain for Secure 6G Transactions: Using blockchain technology to secure data exchanges in 6G networks.
- Quantum Cryptography in 6G: Exploring quantum-resistant algorithms for secure communication.
- Secure Edge Computing in 6G: Safeguarding edge devices and the data they handle within 6G infrastructure.
- Threat Intelligence for 6G: Developing advanced threat intelligence methods to foresee and counteract cyber threats.
- Regulatory and Ethical Considerations: Discussing the legal and ethical implications of 6G security measures


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